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Whether you need 1 or 1000 portable air conditioners Installed in just hours to your offices, shop, school or hotel, event then call us for a worry-free, competitive, and friendly service.
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At AIRCO SERVICES, quality of service is not by chance, but by choice due to the result of an earnest, continuous and intelligent planning and relentless team work. For the past 5 years, we have done many prestigious events in India like A Touch Of Class – 2010-11 Jaipur , Swayamvar All Season ( A Reality Show ), World Wide Auctioneers in Dubai, Jaipur Fashion Week etc, and many more prestigious Events, Exhibitions, Studios & Marriage’s in India.

We render services for the following :
CORPORATE EVENTS : AIRCO SERVICES also ensures top quality performance, an absolute reliability with Zero error margins, absolute reliability in extreme working conditions as in the prevailing climatic conditions. At AIRCO SERVICES quality of service is given not by chance but by choice. Due to the result of an earnest, continuous and intelligent planning and relentless dedicated team work, AIRCO SERVICES was become a name in the state as well as in the country.
PUBLIC MEETINGS : In fact, nodding to conduct a public meeting is nothing but preparing to ride wild tiger but not for AIRCO SERVICES! The taskforce of AIRCO SERVICES with its able leadership secured a higher pedestal in this field of competitive arena. We are well versed in handling in crowded places, security places, around the stage and media. We see that cooling reaches each and every place in faction.
EXHIBITIONS : AIRCO SERVICES provides world-class Air conditioners to national and international exhibitions. A One Stop resource for vide range of Air conditioners.
CONVOCATIONS : AIRCO SERVICES are not only the pioneers in introducing the concept of "service at you doorstep" but also true believers in letter and spirit. We are experts in satisfying our customers. Our service station/workshop is well equipped with the latest equipments, measuring instruments and testing facilities and also latest infrastructure and efficient techno-commercial professionals. Our Staff has substantial experience in the Air Conditioning field. AIRCO SERVICES be-
believes in providing quality of service to our clients and this has been the main reason for phenomenal growth in these past16 years.
RELIGIOUS PROGRAMS : AIRCO SERVICES possesses the best performance certificates from a number of our fully satisfied customers. Our main intention is not to earn profit out of the services rendered by us, but to gain the confidence of our esteemed customers to ensure their satisfaction, AIRCO SERVICES also believes to do the justice to the money and time spent by our valued customers.
REALITY SHOWS : We have experienced team members with innovative brains who could provide the Air conditioners suitable to the occasion.
PROMOTIONS : We can boldly say that AIRCO SERVICES is a mission to install the air conditioners we claim communicates accountability for quality consciousness, honesty by introducing new methods in providing better comfort to our esteemed customers. We keep up grading our technology keeping in view of customer needs.
WEDDING RECEPTIONS : AIRCO SERVICES makes your special moment an unforgettable celebration. We at AIRCO SERVICES Provide personalized and innovative wide range of Air Conditioners for wedding. AIRCO SERVICES is one of the most trusted and respected Air Conditioners for wedding in the country. We help you to turn your dream wedding into reality .Garden Tent Wedding can now be enjoyed with comfort of Air Conditioning. We give top priority to human resou-
rces Development concept. In this regard, AIRCO SERVICES stands as an example. We have been training / trained a good number of young technicians in this Air Conditioning field whereby they are able to earn their lively hood with a greater confidence. It will be surprising to note that some of our employees in the general workmen cadre rose to be good technicians and easily handle the tasks independently. This would not have been possible but for our intensive training and good rapport with the senior employees.
PRODUCT LAUNCH : An effective product launch can make a huge impact on whether a product succeeds or fails in the market place. It will be of immense pleasure to us to be service to you any of your specific Air Conditioning requirements, either at your door step in your Office / Workshop or at your home.
LIVE CONCEPTS : Once the stage is set, the spotlights are turned on and the performing singers take their place, the audience/spectators/guests begin to absorb and take in every second of the performance, swaying with music and singing along with their Idol. Music Concerts are also a great way to beat summer time blues and rejuvenate ourselves. Concerts and live music shows can be organized for all genres of music-pop, rock, classical, you name it, we are there to
provide comfortable air- conditioning.  
FASHION SHOWS : The Fashion industry is an integral part of daily life. In fact, today, in India this industry is growing by leaps and bounds each year. It is not only about the domestic fashion gurus, but also world fashion that is reaching Indian shores almost at the same time. Our team of technicians is so alert that they are able to assimilate new trends as and when they emerge.
TV & FILM SHOOTINGS : AIRCO SERVICES proudly claim that is has done prestigious events and exhibitions and become a name to reckon with in major cities in India. We have also provided air conditioning in well known studios.